4 Ways to Reduce Online Returns

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Faye Laufketter
Content Manager
Published on:
September 4, 2023
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Give In-Depth Product Descriptions With the Right Digital Tools

Product descriptions are critical for helping customers understand what they're buying and whether the product is right for them. No one wants to buy a product thinking it is one thing, only to receive it and discover something completely different.

 Your online product descriptions should be:

●  Clear

●  Concise

●  Accurate

 Rich media content like images and videos allows customers to understand the product better. Ideally, you should stylize your product photos to look their best and show the product in use.

 You also want to use the right digital tools. Always provide size guides where applicable, and also consider using fitting, try-on, and virtual room fit tools. Digital tools will revolutionize how your customers shop and can help with reducing returns and churn.

Ask For Honest Reviews and Make Them Easily Visible

Asking customers for their feedback makes them feel like their opinion is valued. Not only this, but reviews are a valuable business aid to help you make informed decisions going forwards.

 The best way to get feedback is to send a review email within 2-3 days after the customer has received their purchase. You should also include a link to the product review page and a call to action (CTA) in the email.

 Do not make your customers jump through hoops to leave a review; the process should be quick and easy, or you'll risk not receiving any responses.

You could also incentivize customers to leave honest reviews by using online customer loyalty programs. Providing an offer they can't refuse, like a discount or free shipping, is usually enough to encourage them to leave feedback.

Create an Outstanding Website Experience Driven by Exceptional Customer Service

Your website is the first port of call for many customers, so it needs to make a good impression. If your website is challenging to navigate or not compatible with mobile devices, you're likely to lose customers before they've had a chance to engage with your brand.

To create an outstanding website experience, you must also focus on delivering quality customer service. Offering exceptional customer service for ecommerce businesses, such as live chat or instant messaging, can remove potential return issues before they start.

Follow Up With a Memorable Post-Purchase and Return Experience

Your post-purchase and return experience is just as important as the purchase itself. Decreasing where is my order (WISMO) queries is vital for the post-purchase experience. Be sure to provide tracking carrier data and even text or email notifications to keep your customers updated.

If a customer does need to return an item, make the process as seamless as possible to transform a negative experience into a positive one. With their order, you should include: 

●  Packaging

●  Return label

●  Free return shipping (if possible)

 You should also send a delivery survey to customers after receiving their order. Delivery surveys show you care about their experience and can even be used to upsell complementary products.

Final Thoughts on Reducing Online Returns

Reducing returns and churn is vital for the success of any e=commerce business. By following these simple steps, you'll not only improve your customer's journey but also shine a positive light on your brand.