Regain control of your returns

Say goodbye to paper return labels. Let your customers generate their own and centralize all your returns while analyzing the reasons behind each one.

Select convenient drop-off point

They can choose a transportation mode and a drop-off point on a map.

Download return label

They can download the return label to print from their device.

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Empower your customers with hassle-free returns

Transform the return journey with a fully digitalized, customer-oriented process, offering autonomy and convenience at each step.

Track customer returns with a unified interface

You can search for a specific return or use filters to only see the returns that matter to you. For example, you can filter all returns related to a particular product in the last month.

Access comprehensive return information

We give your customer service team all the tools they need to handle customer inquiries with ease. You have access to detailed information about the return, such as the returned products and the reason for the return. We have also added a button to download the customer's return label in case they have lost it.

Analyze return reasons

With our report feature, it's as easy as pie to analyze typical return reasons for a particular item.

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Streamline your return process

Harness detailed insights from a unified interface, facilitating efficient return management and customer service experiences.

Ready to reshape your post-purchase experience?

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