Claim management without any hassle

Easily open and follow up on your carrier claims without leaving your ticketing tool.

Continue the conversation with the carriers

Directly from Shipup, have access to your claim detail and exchange messages / upload files with your carrier if needed.

Unread claims are emphasized so you don’t miss them

When the carrier updates the status of your claim, Shipup clearly indicates there is new information for you to read.

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Make sure you don't miss the carrier's response

No need to lose time connecting to the carrier's portal to check if there are any updates on your Claim

Evaluate your carrier performance

Thanks to our follow up table, you can track how many claims were opened for each carrier and the specific reasons they were opened for.

Check if your claims are refunded

Track accepted or refused refunds, the status of each claim and the time spent before your claim is closed by the carrier.

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Get a global view
of all your claims

Shipup centralizes all your claims and their statuses in one place.

🚧 No technical integration needed. You only need to download our Chrome extension

What they say about the feature


“Claim Management is a simple and very convenient tool to use. It improves our productivity by allowing us to open and handle claims with different carriers in a few clicks.”

CS Team


min to create a claim


"Shipup's Claim module has helped us reduce the time of opening carrier claims by 50%. The global and individual tracking of open claims allows agents to better monitor their ongoing claims."

Customer experience Manager


% Time saved

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