Send satisafaction surveys right at delivery

Turn unhappy shoppers into brand advocates as early as possible with a fast response to customer dissatisfaction.

Increase customer convenience with self-service support

Qualify the customer situation with a pre-built survey and provide all relevant information at the end to empower your customer and avoid recurring and standard requests.

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Streamline communications and gather better feedback

Send a templated survey at delivery to automatically collect and import crucial information about your customers’ experience into your CRM along with relevant data like tracking and order numbers.

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Fewer tickets managed more efficiently

Shipup helps you reduce the workload associated with post-delivery issues by sending a well-thought survey at delivery.

Identify recurring problems and their origins

Shipup provides smart dashboards allowing you to identify the primary causes of dissatisfaction, favorite carriers, the countries with the most delivery issues, and more.

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Leverage feedback to personalize your communication

Integrate Shipup Webhooks into your marketing automation platform to adapt your communications to your shopper’s last experience.

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Ditch robotic delivery emails. Send your own notifications.

Identify logistical problems and evaluate internal processes by tracking the evolution of post-delivery satisfaction over time by factors like carrier or country.

Ready to reshape your post-purchase experience?

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