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"As a beauty brand, Birchbox has to deliver a flawless customer experience. We have great control over that experience during the acquisition phase, but as soon as a package leaves our warehouses, we lose control. With Shipup, we now control all the customer experience, from click to possession."
Martin Balas
Cofounder – COO @ Birchbox Europe
"As a sleep wellness brand, we do not want delivery worries to be keeping our customers up at night. With a product range that comes in various weights and sizes, that have different courier needs, the integration of Shipup has allowed us to easily track orders and monitor partners performance, ensuring we are providing the best possible customer end experience."
Chris Green
Senior Product Manager @ eve sleep
"Our biggest strength is the quality of our user experience on our website. The post-purchase experience comes right after. Cheerz delivers in all Europe and Shipup allowed us to build our own post-purchase experience and to unify it for all our customers across our 11 delivery companies."
Aurelien de Meaux
Cofounder – CEO @ Cheerz

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